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Waterloo! The station, not the battle or song…

Waterloo! The station, not the battle or song…

Waterloo station is undergoing a huge upgrade during the month of August. It has been widely reported that there are an average of 270,000 journeys made to and from Waterloo every day and passengers have been advised to find an alternative route or work from home.

On 7th August – the first Monday of the work – despite warnings of impending chaos, it seems that many passengers heeded this advice and both the trains and station were unusually quiet.

If you’re one of these people, what did you choose? Working from home? Or did you have to struggle to work via a different route as your company doesn’t provide the tools to make working from home a viable option?

So, what are these tools? One could argue a mobile phone and a laptop would be sufficient. You can call people and work on documents.

Those who can travel in could still meet in the meeting room and you could just dial in on the phone. However, that means you lose the visual element of the meeting, you can’t see the others in the room and you might not be on the right page of any documents being reviewed.

A much better solution is to join a meeting online using Webex Meetings.

The only person that needs a Webex licence is the Host, who can include Webex joining details in any new or existing meeting invitation. The other people in the meeting just click on a link to join remotely (or download the free app once to join from iOS or Android mobile devices) – all they need is their telephone or laptop, as mentioned earlier.

Once in the meeting you can use webcams to see each other and share content in real time.

MeetingZone offers a free 30-day Webex trial so why not try it out? Contact us to set one up.


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