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My Working day (Part 2) – Verity Buchanan. Online collaboration specialist for the public sector

My Working day (Part 2) – Verity Buchanan. Online collaboration specialist for the public sector

Read how online collaboration can change the way public sector organisations work.

Variety is the spice of conferencing and collaboration life.

One of the things I love about my job is the variety. I’m unashamedly a people person and I get the chance to work with a diverse range of customers in a variety of sectors.

I like to think that what I do makes a difference and I can’t deny it gives me a buzz.

Changing how we teach and learn

Take yesterday for example.

In the morning I was training our new graduate intake on how conferencing and collaboration can help public sector organisations. I showed them Cisco’s new Spark collaboration platform that allows teams to work together from anywhere in the world on any device.

One of our graduates commented:

“If only we’d had that when we were working on group assignments at uni. One of the problems we always faced was getting everyone in the group together regularly. There was always someone who couldn’t make it. We could have done everything using online video conferencing, joining from our laptops or phones, using the whiteboard to brainstorm ideas and working on documents together.”

It’s not surprising that the education sector is keeping me busy as they start to use this new technology to improve the quality of their teaching and learning.

Treating more patients

In the afternoon, I was at a large London teaching hospital. They’ve got three video conferencing rooms spread throughout different hospital locations in South London. Each room has different video conferencing kit and they find it hard to get each location talking to each other

This adversely affects patients as the equipment can’t be used to its optimum effect for doctors to review patient progress quickly and increase the number of operations that can be performed.

I demonstrated how, with new technology from Cisco, we can make all this kit talk to each other, even though each room has different equipment from different manufacturers via a secure “bridging service” in the cloud.

In fact, anyone can join a video conference from any mobile, tablet or lap top PC using this service.

If you’d like to find out how I can help your organisation, get in touch.



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