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Our broad range of Event Call services gives you six flexible, reliable options to choose from. Find the right one for you and easily manage and run your event calls. Features of these services include complete audience management, call recording, Q&A sessions, participant lists and more.

Customer Managed

Easily set up and run calls at a time that suits you, whether you’re scheduling a one-off or recurring call with up to 100 participants. You’re in control – you don’t need an operator, and can run Q&As whenever you like.

Customer Managed Plus

With all the great benefits of the Customer Managed service, the Plus version gives you something extra too, with a full list of everyone taking part in the call.

Operator Managed

If you’d like an experienced operator to manage your conference calls for you, our Operator Managed service is for you. An operator will handle every part of your call, from scheduling, key speaker introduction and call wrap-up – leaving you free to focus on your message.

Operator Managed Plus

Enjoy all the advantages of the Operator Managed service, as well as something extra – with the Plus service you’ll also get a full list of everyone taking part in the call.

WebEx Event Centre

Give engaging, professional presentations with WebEx Event Centre’s webinars and online events. You can host your event call yourself or a skilled operator can run it for you.


Deliver high-impact live and on-demand presentations and maximise audience engagement with this fully managed service which allows you to share slide based presentations. An operator will smoothly handle every part of your call, from scheduling and key speaker introduction to Q&A session management and call wrap-up – leaving you free to focus on your message.

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