PADI, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, is the world’s largest recreational diving membership and diver training organisation. Founded in 1966, PADI is responsible for administering the qualifications for diving instructors, offering a range of courses from entry to master levels as well as a variety of instructor certifications. With over 40 years under its belt, PADI has offices in Bristol, Switzerland, the US and APAC.


With an understanding that they receive 50% to 60% of their business through telephone calls, management foresaw challenges in the company evolvement strategy. Without a specific call centre environment or system in place to administer increased customer contact PADI was uncertain it would be able to continue to grow once it met its peak customer contact capacity.

PADI’s main motivation to replace their telephone system with a VoIP solution was to improve communication between offices, and increase the flexibility and mobility of their phone solution.

In addition, business pressures resulted in PADI requiring a larger office in Bristol causing a key issue with their existing telephone numbers.

Keen on transferring their numbers across to their new offices led to the need to find someone who could successfully provide SIP trunks.

With the central requisite to transfer their existing telephone numbers, and the necessity to improve their customer contact, the significance of finding a unified communications company that could quickly react to their needs was of the upmost importance.

In the future, this will allow us to make a big step forward towards becoming one seamless office

to our clients around the globe PASCAL DIETRICH, PADI


After noticing MeetingZone’s branded marketing campaign, and already being aware of the high communication capabilities and benefits Microsoft Skype for Business offers, PADI decided to get in touch. Impressed by the fact MeetingZone are both a Microsoft Gold Partner and Internet Service Provider, the company decided MeetingZone would be ideal to design and build a robust UC solution for their worldwide organisation.

To address the issues PADI was facing, MeetingZone fully deployed Microsoft Skype for Business with Voice capabilities to replace their existing PBX infrastructure.

Impressed with the capabilities and benefits the company was seeing from their Skype for Business solution, PADI decided to layer it and create a formal contact centre to further boost their customer contact.

To assist PADI, MeetingZone took full control and provided the company with the additional out-of-the-box unified communications capabilities for customer contact that they were looking for.

For resiliency and voice quality purposes, MeetingZone provided PADI with a Skype for Business and SIP dedicated Ethernet First Mile (EFM) circuit, offering a robust internet connection, as well as Session to Boarder Controllers to ensure PADI has back-up connectivity should one fail.

It’s easy to use and having video that highlights each person when they speak really improves

our conference call experience. PASCAL DIETRICH, PADI



Skype for Business with Voice capabilities combined with a contact centre solution has created a new opportunity for PADI to advance its customer contact through better communication and information sharing. By integrating telephony, voice and video conferencing, instant messaging and presence, PADI employees are capable of increasing their internal and external communications, resulting in improved customer service and company evolvement.


PADI significantly lowered its efficiency barriers thanks to staff being capable of screen sharing and instantly launching web conferences wherever they are. Outcomes include reduced delays in projects where key staff need to be available to help reduce obstacles, such as intercultural differences and language challenges, across PADI’s multi-national offices around the world.


PADI uses Skype for Business, specifically its high quality conference capabilities, to reduce employee travel. Richard comments:

“When our employees travel abroad for business they often need to call the office. In the past, these calls would accumulate to high costs. Thanks to Skype for Business we can now significantly reduce those expenses.”


Employees can make the most of the high quality conferencing capabilities worldwide.

“ Our board of directors now use video conferencing for their meetings to make it simple for everyone to join even if they cannot attend in person’ says Olney.

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