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Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing Services

Utilise your web cam / multiple web cams using WebEx Meeting Center and Training Center.

Give your attendees a real-time visual reference. Simulate face-to-face meetings with participants from multiple locations using Multi-Point Video.

At MeetingZone we can provide the ultimate desktop video conferencing solutions. With Meeting Center and Training Center from WebEx you can really make best use of your web cam facility or create multiple outputs to ensure your attendees have a visual reference in real-time.

WebEx software manages to combine file and presentation sharing using voice and HD video images to simulate face-to-face meetings with participants from various locations, all through the use of multi-point video

Better meetings from start to finish

By choosing our service you can decide to meet absolutely anywhere, with whomever you wish, while getting more done in the process. Many clients take advantage of the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues in offices across the country as well as keeping touch with those based overseas.

Now you can arrange meetings online and benefit from file sharing, exchanging information as well as expertise. In fact, you can use the software to carry out training too. These communication solutions from WebEx take video conferencing to the next level as you can increase productivity while remaining connected with team members, management and customers, wherever they happen to be.

Deliver highly effective online training

Cisco WebEx Training Center is ideal for those who have a need to carry out online training and create learning environments that really encourage and stimulate collaboration. This service will enable you to deliver incredibly interactive classes and train participants over the Internet using video and breakout sessions, plus hands-on learning laboratories. Speak to the MeetingZone team today for more information on all of our video conferencing options.

What you will need

Delivery of the WebEx service via MeetingZone is conducted over the Internet, so you will not require any special hardware or anything to download. You just need access to a computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet with a connection to the Web, plus use of your phone or computer’s audio connection (VoIP). A webcam can be used to provide the video images.

Do more than just meet

With WebEx you can do almost anything that could be done in person, but with out the travel time. These specialised products are designed for:

  • The sharing of ideas, experience and knowledge across an organization
  • Building stronger relations through cloud-delivered in-person telepresence experiences
  • Providing an outstanding level of technical support from a remote location
  • The delivery of online training and eLearning opportunities
  • Presenting dynamic online events and webinars

Leave everything to us

MeetingZone can ensure a smooth set-up process every time. Participants are sent invitation links to an area where the agenda is located – as well as all the files the group may require for the meeting. With everything stored here, in the one place, ideas can start to develop even before the meeting actually gets underway. With Meeting Center this makes it easier than ever to chat, comment and review.

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