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Intelligent, high quality video collaboration end points

Want to know how team collaboration can work for you? Choose from a flexible range of room kits for any room size, all-in-one devices for team collaboration, and tools that are perfect for your desktop.

webex Board

  • All-in-one device for team collaboration
  • Wirelessly present, whiteboard, video conference, share & annotate content
webex Room 70

  • For rooms that seat up to 14 people  
  • Fully integrated with single or dual 70-inch 4K screens
  • Sound optimized for voice
webex Room 55

  • For rooms with 6-8 people
  • Fully integrated system with 55-inch 4K screen
  • Powerful speaker system
webex Room Kit

  • Integrates with your existing screen
  • Options for rooms that seat up to 7 people or larger rooms that seat up 14 people
webex SX10

  • Great for face-to-face collaboration in small workspaces
  • Use your existing screen to easily add video conferencing to a small room
webex DX80

  • All-in-one desktop collaboration unit with 23-inch touch screen
  • HDMI input allows connection of PC or Mac for use as an external monitor
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