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I need to make a company-wide announcement…..quickly!

I need to make a company-wide announcement…..quickly!

Webex Events allows you to have that visual element, events can be set up easily and quickly and it can host calls with a capacity of up to 1,000 people.

Event Center allows you to manage the event in the way you want to. Attendees can listen through their computer speakers or dial in on a phone. They can ask questions verbally or type their questions into the Q&A section online.

Presenters can share different types of visual content, including PowerPoint slides, an internet browser, any computer program, or a video. They can gauge opinion or take feedback by using the Polling function.

The event can be recorded so those who aren’t able to attend the live event can watch it at a later date.

At MeetingZone we use Webex Events for all our company wide briefings and announcements, both scheduled and ad hoc. For example, every six months we have a CEO Roadshow. Our CEO travels to several of our offices in person to discuss the company, both the results to date and also plans for the future. Despite him travelling, and as our company culture allows employees to work from wherever is best to do so on the day, it’s inevitable that not all employees will be able to attend the face-to-face meetings. By using Webex Events, we can make all the meetings available to all employees. The online element of these meetings means that they can be arranged quickly and with minimum effort. Employees are emailed invites to the meetings and they can decide which they would like to attend and how they will attend. A recording of each meeting is later shared on our intranet for those who couldn’t attend.

Whilst these CEO Roadshows are planned, it would be equally easy to arrange a last minute meeting if one were needed. Adding Webex Events as an option to join any company meeting, makes it accessible to everyone, so all employees feel included.

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