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A whole new way of working

A whole new way of working

I’ve mentioned Webex Teams before in a couple of Blogs, for those of you who don’t remember what Teams is, Cisco describe it as is a complete business collaboration service that enables you to message, meet, or call anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

It has already transformed the way that many people at MeetingZone work and communicate. For example, the team I work in no longer use email to communicate as a group – well barely ever anyway. We have a Teams room and anything we need to say to the team goes in there.

BUT – Teams has much more to offer. As well as the message, meet and call capabilities, Cisco have also made it ‘Open Source’ so that anyone can develop APIs for it (API stand for application program interface for those who are less techie).

What does this mean? Well it means that anyone can write a program to get Teams to talk to anything. For example, we use Survey Monkey to collect feedback from customers after a call. In the ‘old days’ we used to have to log in everyday to check for responses, now we have an API which sends us a message into a Teams room to alert us when we get a new feedback response.

Many of our customers are interested in Teams from the message/meet/call perspective, however one who we have been talking to recently was much more excited about the APIs and what that would bring to their company. They discovered that there already was an API which allowed their CRM to communicate with a Teams room. What does this mean? Well, information such as leads, deals closing etc can be sent to a Teams Room and those involved can actively collaborate using Teams. Much easier than a long and potentially confusing email trail.

“I’m sure that using APIs is complicated and I’ll need loads of technical knowledge.” I hear you cry. Not necessarily. There are providers who have already created them so all you need to do it choose what you want to do and 3 clicks later it’s done! The more techie of you could develop your own…..

If you’d like to know more about how Teams and APIs could help your business please get in touch.



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