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Dust off and start using your Video Conferencing kit with Cisco’s new video bridging service

Dust off and start using your Video Conferencing kit with Cisco’s new video bridging service

As a Cisco customer, I’m keen to keep you up to speed with new ways of using Cisco services and licence entitlements. Take Cisco’s CMR (Collaboration Meeting Rooms) for example.

In the beginning there was audio conferencing

Before web conferencing existed, there were a couple of options which gave an alternative to having a face-to-face meeting.

Audio conferencing was, and continues to be, a useful tool. However, it’s not as easy to have a meeting when you can’t see people and read their non-verbal communication (getting ready to say something or a negative response for example). This short video illustrates this perfectly - A Conference Call in Real Life.

Video conferencing kit was costly and needed IT support to work

Video conferencing overcame the issue of non-verbal communication, because participants could see everyone in the meeting.

However, the kit needed was costly to install and the various systems were not always compatible. This meant it was advisable to run a test meeting in advance of the actual meeting.

It was also a good idea to have a person from IT on hand, at each location, at the start of the actual meeting to make sure everyone was able to connect. A lot of effort to go to for one meeting.

Rooms full of video conferencing equipment gathering dust

The advent of Web Conferencing solutions, like Webex Meetings, incorporated the best of both Audio and Video. There was also the additional benefit of being able to share documents in real time and truly collaborate.

This all but made the Video Conferencing equipment redundant, leaving it gathering dust in the corner of a conference room. Until now that is…

It’s time to get the duster out thanks to Cisco’s CMR (Collaboration Meeting Rooms)

Cisco Webex introduced CMR (Collaboration Meeting Rooms). This is a video bridging service that allows meeting participants to join meetings from a variety of end points.

So, I could host a meeting using a laptop; a colleague from another office could join using a Video Conferencing unit; someone else could join on a mobile using the Webex app; and even MS Skype for Business/Lync users could join.

Available as a bolt on to Webex Meetings licence holders

The CMR solution is available to every Webex Meetings licence holder with the latest release as a bolt-on feature.

Easy to use cloud based service

It’s easy to use; once you’ve updated your licence, you just send an invitation in exactly the same way you always have done.

Being a cloud based service, CMR is a more cost effective solution than buying the hardware needed to bridge your own video service, which would be the alternative method of connecting a VC system to the outside world.

Cisco has even produced a compatibility app, so that we can test the solution with your VC equipment before rolling it out.

Cost effective delivering renewed value to your investment

This is a truly innovative solution. Cisco has recognised that many businesses have legacy Video Conferencing equipment that required a large investment. In creating CMR they have provided a truly cost effective service, giving renewed value to that investment.

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