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Make your meetings more productive

Make your meetings more productive

How many of you reading this have been to a meeting and felt that it went on too long. Then a week or so later, when you come to look at your actions from the meeting, you aren’t entirely clear on what they were.

It’s often the case that face-to-face meetings go on for much longer than needed. Have you ever been in a meeting booked for an hour and felt that it could have been done in 40 minutes? In a face to face meeting, there is the inevitable preamble and chat as people arrive, and it can also start late if someone is waylaid by another colleague as they walk to the meeting room.

A week later, when you get time to look at the follow up actions, you can’t quite remember who was mean to do what. Or, you need to wait for colleagues to complete their actions before you can do your part and that means chasing to find out if they have done their part first.

Cisco has a combination of products which can help – Webex Meetings and Webex Teams.

I’m not sure why it is exactly, but online meetings always seem to be quicker than face-to-face ones. Maybe it’s because people are still at their desk and so can see all the other tasks they have to do. People are also more prompt when hosting or joining a Webex meeting. At MeetingZone, we often start our Webex meetings a couple of minutes before the scheduled start time, as everyone has joined. This isn’t to say that there’s no chat and catching up in an online meeting, we still have plenty of that.

So you’ve had the online meeting, now what about the actions?

Cisco has recently added a feature to Webex Meetings which allows a Host to open a Webex Teams Space as they leave a meeting. All those who were invited to the meeting (regardless if they attended or not) are invited to the Teams Space.

Once the room has been created, you can add all the actions straight away and everyone can see who is doing what. As you and your colleagues complete your actions (or your part of them), you can add documents and comments to the Teams Space to keep everyone updated. So much easier than loads of emails back and forth about who has done what!

If you’d like to know more about Webex, please get in touch with us.



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Cisco Webex, Cisco Spark


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