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We can meet in my room…

We can meet in my room…

My online one that is.

The Webex Meetings Personal Meeting Room (PMR) option is becoming more and more popular with our customers. What is a PMR? It’s an always available online meeting room with a unique URL (link) and every Webex Meetings Host holder has one!

At MeetingZone, we use them all the time. I use mine to screen share when I’m helping customers with questions about Webex. I have the link as part of my email signature and, if I’m on the phone helping someone and they aren’t quite sure what I mean, all I need to do is get them to join me in my PMR. In a couple of minutes we’re both able to see what we are talking about on screen.

Many of our internal meetings are scheduled using our PMRs. As well as using your PMR for an on the fly instant meeting, you can also use it for a scheduled meeting. It’s an option when using the Productivity Tools in Outlook.

They’re the same as a regular Webex Meeting.

Once you’re in your PMR, they’re the same as a ‘normal’ Webex Meetings meeting. You share content in the same way, the Audio and Video work in the same way and you can record your meeting. As it’s an ‘always open’ room, there is the danger that someone might join the room when you’re already in meeting. To stop this there’s a lock option, you can lock the room in the meeting or there is an auto lock setting in your Preferences which automatically locks your meeting room after a set number of minutes.

You can start a Teams Space after the meeting.

There is an admin setting on your Webex Meetings site which gives the option to create a Webex Teams Space with all the members of the meeting invited to join. You can add in a summary of points discussed and the agreed actions to the Teams Space and keep the momentum going. Members of the room can add comments and documents as they complete their actions. As Teams updates entries on all devices immediately, everyone can see what has been added at the same time, avoiding complicated email trails.

If you’d like to know more about Personal Rooms, get in touch.


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