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I need more than just an online meeting!

I need more than just an online meeting!

In my last blog, I talked about how Webex Meetings gives an alternative to face to face meetings for people working from home during the Waterloo station upgrade.

However, if you are used to working in an office with your colleagues, and are suddenly working remotely, there are other issues that could arise.

If you are used to having a quick chat with your colleagues when needed, you’ll need another solution. What should you use?

The phone – possibly, however if lots of people are calling each other, you might well end up playing telephone tag!

Email – a bit of a pain for a quick question and if you need to ask the question to a group you might get several differing replies.

Instant Messaging – better as it’s quicker, however if you need to add a colleague half way through the chat, they wouldn’t be able to see what had previously been said. In addition, you might not be able to include people from outside your business.

Cisco have a solution called Webex Teams which is perfect in this situation. It has virtual areas known as Spaces and these can be used for a person-to-person chat or a for a group working together.

You can use it to chat, and everyone in the Space can see what you say at the same time. People who join a group Space after it has started can scroll back and catch up.

You can share documents in a Space and everyone can download them.

You can even have an instant meeting with everyone in the room and use the whiteboard function to capture information.

Recently Cisco have added some new functions which make Teams even more helpful. It has presence so you can see when people were last active. You can also put it on do not disturb.

Webex Teams has fantastic mobile applications which allow you to move seamlessly from desktop to mobile device. All versions of Teams are updated instantly.

If you’d like to see Teams in action, contact us for a quick demo.



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