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Rethinking flexible working?

Rethinking flexible working?

Have you been affected by the work at Waterloo station? Were you able to work from home or did you still have to go to the office and just find an alternative route?

If you worked from home how was it for you?

Given the right tools, it’s possible to work anywhere you like as long as there is an internet connection.

Cisco have a whole collection of solutions to help you do just that.

The Webex suite of products allow you to meet with your colleagues (Webex Meetings), run webinars (Webex Events) and even run live training courses (Webex Training). The Webex Meetings Personal Meeting Room (PMR) is a quick and easy way of having an instant meeting with a colleague or customer with just the click of a button.

Taking it one step further, Webex Teams is a collaboration tool that allows you to message, meet and call using just one application. You can create ‘Spaces’ for a team of colleagues or a project group and it’s not limited to those within your organisation. Anyone can join a Teams Space by simply downloading the App to their desktop or mobile device.

You can have a Space for a team that works together – I’m in one of these and it’s entirely taken the place of email and instant messaging for that group.

You can have a 1:1 space with a specific colleague or your line manager.

If you’d like to see any of these products in action, contact us for a demo.



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