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The world of work is changing

Team collaboration is a key driver as companies seek to stay ahead of their competitors.

Teams today are often based all over the world in different time zones, using a range of different devices to communicate and collaborate.

Yet they are asked to achieve more together, faster.

In my experience, most people come to work and want to give of their best. Getting the best from your people means equipping them with the right tools to deliver great work.

In a recent Harvard Business Review survey, 72% of companies said “effective team communication” has become more important over the past two years. However only 54% are investing in easier-to-use collaboration solutions. So, nearly half of companies are not stepping up.

People expect to have collaboration tools at work that are as good as those used in their personal lives.

The trouble is that more often than not, they are asked to perform to the highest standards making do with a mixture of different collaboration technologies that have been cobbled together over time and with little thought to team working.

This has a direct impact on motivation levels, not to mention overall efficiency and productivity.

Take the way we equip conference rooms as an example. A recent survey found that 90% lacked any kind of collaboration tools. And where they do have tools, they are often a cluttered mishmash of conference phones, projectors, white boards and video solutions.

These are hard to use, resulting in them being under-utilised and representing a poor return on investment.

How often do you see people taking photographs of whiteboards and emailing it to themselves, or writing “don’t erase” in case someone rubs out their precious work.

Far too often, I’ve seen someone running around trying to find a “techie” to get the video conferencing kit going, or hearing the cursing and frustration around the room as remote attendees struggle to get connected.

The best meeting never ends

I recently read a blog by Rowan Trollope, Cisco’s ‎SVP & GM, talking about “The best meeting never ends”, and I think he has a point.

What’s needed is persistent collaboration with easy access to anyone, anywhere on any device.

The preparation and follow through from a meeting is just as important as the meeting itself. Team members in different time zones will want to continue the work together, picking up the baton where their team mates left off so that they can get the work done.

Cisco are leading the way

There’s a gap in the market for a single solution that brings all this together and the rush is on to win the race.

I make no secret of the fact that we work closely with Cisco who seem to be making the running here.

The Webex Teams platform and app connects physical and virtual meeting spaces so that team members can continue working together on any device and from any location even after the meeting has ended.

Available on the platform is the game changing Cisco Webex Board - a cloud and touch-based wall mounted device for conference rooms that combines wireless presentation sharing, digital white boarding, and video conferencing all in one. This raises the bar for meeting room collaboration devices.

Isn’t it about time you equipped your people and buildings with the right collaboration tools? Drop me a line if you’d like to discuss further.



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