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GETTING STUFF DONE - Revealing an easier way!

GETTING STUFF DONE - Revealing an easier way!

Recently I was part of a meeting with a customer and we were discussing the current collaboration tools that were used in their organisation. We got to a list of about 20, both those that were provided by the company and also BYO apps that only smaller groups within the company use. They all agreed the sheer number of options can be confusing.

With the advent of smartphones, and the huge number of apps available, this diversity of collaboration tools is commonplace in many organisations. There are apps for meeting, sharing information and files, communicating using instant messaging, and so on. – ‘There’s an app for that!’

Working in teams isn’t new…

We have been working in teams for centuries, all that’s changed is how we do it. When I first started working, meetings were face-to-face or by conference call. These days, there are many different ways of working together. These have been made possible by huge advances in technology, which have also removed barriers such as distance, location and time zones.

Remote working isn’t new either, sales people have been working in the field since commerce began – remember the stories of the travelling sales man who stayed away from home in the week, returning at the weekend. Today’s technology makes it easier for remote staff to stay connected to their colleagues, with access to data and other supporting content.

People do need a balance and sometimes they need to work alone to get tasks done, in a recent survey, 86% of people said that working alone allows them to hit productivity.

However, remote workers need to work in offices from time to time as well, so that they feel part of a bigger team. Let’s also not dismiss the importance of the informal corridor conversations and sometimes it’s just best to have a face to face meeting.

The right tools

The important thing is to have the right tools to help us work effectively, be it alone or as part of a team. Having too many collaboration tools in an organisation could potentially be a barrier to effective team working.

Webex Teams is a collaboration platform that enables secure and effective individual and team working, both remotely and when people are physically together, with everything you need available in one place.

If you’d like to see Webex Teams in action, contact us for a demo.



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