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During my career, I’ve worked for a number of organisations and have seen a huge variety of attitudes towards working from home. From what I have seen, this mostly depends on the willingness of senior management to trust their employees when they can’t see them.

I can understand how this might have been an issue before the advent of true Unified Communication, however I do struggle to see how there is still a lack of trust with all the tools available now.

In a survey MeetingZone carried out, one of the conclusions that came out of the research was that only 9% of employers ‘allowed’ their employees to work from home during the tube strikes in London last year.

A culture of trust

Like many organisations who embrace remote working, the company culture at MeetingZone is one of trust, and the expectation is that wherever people are working, they will be productive.

Cisco Spark has helped us become even more effective with Remote working. Gone are the days of multiple replies to an email which has been sent to 5 people working together on a Project. Now we just create a ‘Space’ for that project. A Spark ‘Space’ is like a virtual project room.

Everyone in the space can use it to communicate with messages, add relevant documents and even start a meeting straight from the Space. Like some other messaging apps you can see if others in the Space are active in Spark, or how long it was since they were. You can see who has read a message, see when people are typing a reply and tag people if the comment is aimed at them.

Any time, any where!

As well as remote working in the UK, we work closely with our colleagues in Europe and the US so we have different time zones to contend with.

That’s no problem with Spark as it has persistent messaging. When they start their day, my US colleagues can catch up with news and information from over here. If they have a question when we’re all tucked up in bed, they can leave it for us and we can answer the question, ready for them when they start work the next day.

Anyone in the Space can start a meeting, there are no ‘Host and Attendee roles’. Video is automatically switched on so you can see everyone in the meeting.

If you’d like to see Cisco Spark in action, contact us for a demo.



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