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What’s a snow day?

What’s a snow day?

It’s March and we have just had more snow. Here at MeetingZone’s offices in Thame we haven’t been lucky and not had much snow at all, but there are many places in the UK which have been hit hard with the resulting impact on businesses when people struggle to get to work.

I appreciate that there are many jobs where you actually need to actually be there – for example working in the medical profession – however there are many jobs which can be done from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection and a telephone.

I jokingly said to a group of people that I was training recently, that I don’t get snow days, however this is actually true!

Last month, when the Beast from the East reared its ugly head for the first time, I felt it wasn’t worth risking the drive to work. Instead I worked from home. On that Friday I had a regular weekly team meeting, a couple of training sessions and a meeting with a customer. As it happened they were were all due to be online anyway – we are a Unified Communications company after all - so all my meetings went ahead and my day wasn’t interrupted at all. We used Skype for Business for the internal meeting, my training sessions were on WebEx Meeting Center and the customer meeting was in Cisco Spark as that was his preference.

When we had the last lot of snow at the end of February, some of my colleagues mentioned that some of their meetings were cancelled by suppliers or customers due to the snow. That doesn’t need to happen, just add Skype, Spark or WebEx and away you go!

So, as I’ve already asked – ‘What’s a snow day?’

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