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5 ways Webex Teams works for me

5 ways Webex Teams works for me

In my last blog, I explained how Webex Teams creates a place where teams get together from anywhere, on any device, to create, share and get the work done. It’s like a virtual Project or “War” Room and it’s changing the way we work.

To bring this to life, here are five ways I use Webex Teams day to day, using easy to create and integrate APIs, to manage my team’s work in my role as MeetingZone's Cisco Pre-Sales Director.

1. YouTube keyword trigger

We’ve created an event trigger in Teams. If anyone posts a video to YouTube with particular keywords, in our case Webex Teams, we get sent the link to the video. The great thing about this is it enables us to see the latest content circulated from Cisco, partners and customers relating to Webex Teams.

The application of this outside MeetingZone could be anything relevant to your organisation, industry or perhaps even personal life. So rather than trudging through and searching for specific content, you’re actively pushed content that’s relevant to you.

2. Care assistant

We use this to support the Sales team at MeetingZone. It allows my Pre-Sales subject matter experts to sit behind the Chat bot, so that when someone uses a keyword(s) (in our case 'trial' or 'proof of concept'), the bot alerts my team.

We then allocate out who’s going to do the work with the sales person and once agreed we simply write back to the bot saying 'I can'. The bot then creates a space with the sales person and my Pre-Sales member of the team to coordinate what’s needed.

This can be used in a variety of different ways. Picture you have a new starter, they have a buddy assigned, but there is only so much that person can help with. What if that new starter had a question about an HR matter such as their pension plan or benefits package, or even needed to confirm dates for pay day with finance. The new starter simply uses the bot space with Care Assistant and writes. 'Help finding my pension plan'. The bot then messages the subject matter experts assigned to 'pension' and they open the space with the new starter and the question is answered!

It’s a really simple and very effective tool we use on a day-to-day basis allowing us to allocate work efficiently, react to sales opportunities fast and most of all avoid lengthy email conversations!

3. OneDrive

Webex Teams is fantastic when it comes to project work. However it’s not deemed to be a content library or document management system so integrating it to these tools is a great way to work.

In our case we use One Drive (many other document management services available such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box etc.). It allows us to work effectively on documents relating to specific tasks or projects and when anyone updates the document everyone in the space is alerted. You can toggle on and off certain features such as if someone uploads a new document to a folder, deletes a document or copies a document.

4. Opportunity CRM

We use Microsoft CRM Dynamics Online. One of the challenges with CRM is that unless you’re logged in and active on CRM, you’ve got no knowledge of the goings-on. We have integrated our CRM into Teams and have different spaces for different purposes.

The most commonly used one by us is the 'deal closed' space. This gives real time alerts of when Sales have closed/won a deal/opportunity and offers a great chance for sales leaders to first and foremost congratulate their team, but also be fully up-to-date when it comes to speaking with senior leaders wanting to know the latest that’s closed in the pipeline.

5. Survey Monkey

I was always told when I started my career in customer facing roles a long time ago, that a ‘complaint is a gift’. I still think the same today and whilst I’d like to say the services we offer are perfect for every single customer that walks through our door, inevitably with technology you can have snags - be it technical or educational, that you need to help customers through.

If a customer has taken the time to let you know their challenges, you’ve then got the opportunity to support them through it. The best way to make progress is to instantly react and not let it sit and fester for a customer.

By integrating Survey Monkey into Teams, we are instantly notified in a Teams Space that we have a response from a survey for a customer. This allows us to quickly contact the customer and work through a solution.

More information

Hopefully this has given you some insight into how Webex Teams works in practice. Feel free to contact me if you’d like more information.



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