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My Working day (Part 3) Verity Buchanan - Online Collaboration Specialist for the Public Sector

My Working day (Part 3) Verity Buchanan - Online Collaboration Specialist for the Public Sector

On Cloud 9

The government’s latest version of the Digital Marketplace (G Cloud 9) – the online framework where public sector organisations can find approved cloud technology providers – is now live.

I’ve spent a lot of time recently working on MeetingZone’s submission and making sure it meets the needs of my public sector customers.

I love the Digital Marketplace! You’re probably thinking that this makes me a very sad person indeed.

But I don't mind. It makes my life so much easier. And more importantly, it makes my customers’ lives easier too.

We now work with several major government departments and the Crown Commercial service itself as a result of being part of the G Cloud.

Making it easy for Suppliers and Buyers

When buying online cloud services, you can easily find what you need, compile a shortlist of suppliers and instantly compare offerings, bringing the purchasing cycle down dramatically without compromising quality as every service is pre-authorised.

Improvement will address concerns

I think the changes made to G Cloud 9 are a big improvement and will address many of the concerns expressed in earlier iterations.

The revised 3 lots (down from 4) – Cloud hosting, Cloud software and Cloud support, reflect the way the market has developed since its inception in 2012 and are far more intuitive for customers.

The additional detail around security that suppliers have to provide, reflects the growing concern around cyber-crime and hacking activities (think Wannacry) that are happening only too regularly.

I know for some, using the Digital Marketplace will take a bit of getting used to. Old habits die hard and it still may be that a more detailed procurement process will be required once the shortlist has been created, but there’s no doubt that as G Cloud matures and more people use it, it will become the norm.


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