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Webinars made easy… and you don’t have to blow the budget either

Webinars made easy… and you don’t have to blow the budget either

Webinars are perceived to be expensive and hard to do

The term “webinar” is banded about like confetti at a wedding.

In fact, the definition of a “webinar” is pretty straightforward. A webinar is a “virtual event” and uses the internet allowing you to effectively deliver messages and interact with your audience.

When done properly, they’re perfect for large and smaller audiences for company announcements, lead generation, launching new products and services, briefing suppliers and partners, communicating with customers – in fact wherever you want meaningful and interactive engagement with your audience.

However, while the definition may be straightforward, my feeling, having spoken to many of our customers, is that they are perceived to be hard to stage and expensive.

To a certain extent that’s true. You’re often tied into expensive long term contracts for staging irregular webinars. If you want Hollywood style productions with 20 different camera angles shot in different locations with special effects thrown in, expect to blow the marketing budget fairly quickly. .

Changing how we teach and learn

Professional quality, pay as you go webinars.

Our new Event & Present service means you can deliver quality live and on-demand virtual events with your company branding and presentation share with everyone – without blowing the budget.

Our operators will set up and handle your live event so you’ll come across professionally.

The other good thing is that you don’t need to pay annual licence fees. You simply pay as you go.

We run over 400 virtual events every month, so you’re in safe hands.

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