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Making large scale announcements? It’s time to work smarter

Making large scale announcements? It’s time to work smarter

The technology is there, it’s just not being used.

As the person responsible for MeetingZone’s audio conferencing and virtual event services, I spend a lot of my time looking at the many ways companies and their employees manage their meetings.

Company culture often drives employee behaviour and this is shaped and reinforced by the attitudes of highly visible senior managers and influential peers within the ranks.

I’d like to think that most companies have changed the way they work using new (and indeed not so new) technology. There’s no doubt that more and more companies have some form of Unified Communications (UC) - online collaboration such as instant messaging, presence, audio, web and video conferencing - as part of their business processes.

The 2017 survey by industry research specialists Wainhouse, “The UC&C Lifecycle Benchmark”, reports a 70% penetration of UC services in larger enterprises and a 45% penetration in SMEs. *

To a certain extent that’s true. You’re often tied into expensive long term contracts for staging irregular webinars. If you want Hollywood style productions with 20 different camera angles shot in different locations with special effects thrown in, expect to blow the marketing budget fairly quickly. .

However, it also reports that 40% of licences are “undeployed”, so there’s a long way to go before everyone truly gets to benefit from UC services such as Cisco Spark or Microsoft Skype for Business.

Using virtual events saves on costs, time and logistics

It’s hard to be precise as there’s no real data on this, but anecdotally I think the story’s the same when it comes to using new technology for large scale company-wide announcements – Virtual Events, as we refer to them.

This surprises me. What with so many external factors directly affecting company policy – Brexit, a UK and French General Election to name but 3 – keeping internal staff and external stakeholders briefed and aligned has never been more important.

Most companies still try to get everyone together in one place at great expense, not to mention the time and logistics involved, to make these big announcements.

Those companies that work smarter can choose from a range of virtual event services to address large and not so large audiences instantly... without anyone having to travel or leave their desk.

You can run event calls yourself or we’ll manage them for you. Or you can deliver webinars with your company branding and presentation share with everyone.

We run over 400 virtual events a month so we know what we’re doing.

* The State of Unified Communications February 2017, Wainhouse Research.



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