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When it comes to online collaboration, the Commercial Real Estate sector lags behind. That’s the Opportunity.

When it comes to online collaboration, the Commercial Real Estate sector lags behind. That’s the Opportunity.

There’s no doubt that in many market sectors, more and more companies are changing the way they work by adopting conferencing and collaboration technologies into their business processes.

Cisco WebEx leads the market for online collaboration services. Their latest data shows that over 17m meetings take place on their network every month, an increase of 27% on the previous year.

I work for MeetingZone and we provide conferencing and collaboration services – sometimes referred to as “unified communications”, across a whole range of sectors.

Cutting through the jargon

I’ve thrown enough jargon and buzzwords at you so It’s probably worth setting out what these new technologies actually are in plain language. Basically, they are a set of tools that “connect up” your workforce and are available via a single interface on a desk top, tablet or mobile consisting of:

  • audio and video calling and conferencing

  • ‘Presence’ - the ability to see at a glance whether someone’s available to talk text, chat or participate in a meeting

  • instant text messaging between individuals and groups

  • the ability to share and work on files collaboratively (without the confusion and proliferation of different versions when trying to do work on files via email)

These are exactly the kind of tools that would really benefit CRE companies.

Having spent quite a bit of time looking at how the Commercial Real Estate market has adopted these, it’s clear to me that CRE is lagging behind.

Even the highly traditional legal sector is forging ahead with forward thinking law firms grabbing the opportunity to get ahead of their competitors providing better service to clients and benefiting from the increased productivity and efficiency.

So why is the CRE sector behind the curve?

I’ve spoken to a lot of people in CRE and come to the conclusion that there’s a complacency about - typified by two responses:

  • “We do well already”

  • This limits the potential of what these companies could achieve if they led the way and embraced new ways of working. They would steal a march on their competitors, save a fortune on travel and subsistence costs and make their employees far more efficient and productive.

Connected employees generate more revenue

According to PWC’s research into Unified Communications, productivity improves by 67% in organisations with connected employees. That means revenue is directly linked with employee engagement. Cisco WebEx and Cisco Spark are designed to create employee engagement across an entire organisation.

In our experience, the right training and support will ensure that the services can be rolled out quickly, delivering results immediately.

Get in touch if you’d like to grab the opportunity – I’d be delighted to speak to you.



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