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Cisco’s new Spark service will change the way legal firms use online conferencing and collaboration

Cisco’s new Spark service will change the way legal firms use online conferencing and collaboration

Legal firms are embracing new technology

In my last blog, I referred to the fact that I felt legal firms are no longer lagging behind other sectors when it comes to embracing new technology and changing the way they work.

As someone who advises over 200 law firms about new conferencing and collaboration technology, I’ve detected a sea change in thinking which seems to be borne out by other more formal pieces of research.

A recent report by The Lawyer and Travelers Insurance - “Innovation in the Legal Sector 2016” found that 83% of legal firms surveyed agreed that they are increasingly adopting new technology.

In Totum’s Market Perception Survey 2016, firms were asked to nominate one firm they most admire (not their own!) citing one reason why. Brand presence was the most referred to reason. However, innovation came second, beating client service and quality of client base.

It’s no accident that this transition is taking place and there are three key reasons for this:

  1. Clients are demanding that the higher levels of service new technology delivers.

  2. Younger practitioners who are now running many law firms have grown up with the new technology and want more mobility and flexibility in the way they work.

  3. Tighter security and fear of cyber-attacks is driving firms to invest in new technology.


Cisco leads innovation in online conferencing and collaboration

In the conferencing and collaboration field that I work in, there are some exciting new developments taking place that will improve the ways that firms connect, communicate and collaborate internally and externally.

Cisco are at the heart of many of these. Take Cisco’s recently launched new Spark service as an example.

Spark allows you to create virtual work spaces where you can bring legal teams and clients together instantly, send each other instant messages, have group chats that can be immediately escalated to a video call, work collaboratively on case reviews and share files.

Spark is secure, easy to add to existing infrastructure and simple to use.

This is but one example and keeping up to date with the myriad of new innovations is not easy.

What may be right for your firm, will not work for others.

I’d be happy to advise on what’s best for you, so if that sounds good, please get in touch.



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