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My Working day – Verity Buchanan. Online Collaboration Specialist for the Public Sector

My Working day – Verity Buchanan. Online Collaboration Specialist for the Public Sector

About me

Hello. Let me introduce myself. I’m Verity Buchanan and welcome to “My Working Day”.

I work for MeetingZone as an online collaboration specialist for the Public Sector

I love what I do and deliberately chose a sector where I felt I could help people. This was brought into sharp focus for me when I was given the chance to work with St George’s Hospital in Tooting, where I have a personal connection.

I had the chance to help them reduce admin overheads to put more of their budget towards caring for people.

This was something I was thrilled to be involved in.

My Working Day

My role is varied – equal parts sales person, consultant, trainer and IT helpdesk.

Today I was in training mode, showing a great team of people how to get the most from WebEx online meetings. I Iove making these sessions fun events that people remember.

Most people describe my training techniques as “stand up style”. Singing helps – although I’m no Adele that’s for sure. Other feedback likens me to a “cross between Michael McIntyre and Bridget Jones”. I’ll take that…and Colin Firth for that matter.

I ran two 20 people sessions this morning – training project managers on how to get the most out of their meetings and their larger online events. I made sure that everyone was fired up about how online meetings can save time, money and make the entire department more productive.

I didn’t even leave the comfort of my house to run these and was able to find time afterwards to squeeze in a lunch with an old friend before heading across town for a meeting with a major Government department about how to save their people more time and make them more effective.

After all, getting more for less is the name of the game across all parts of the Public Sector.

If you’d like to know more…

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