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Ignore the doom merchants. Change in 2017 presents us with a world of opportunities

Ignore the doom merchants. Change in 2017 presents us with a world of opportunities

Things are certainly changing in a way that the establishment may not be entirely comfortable with. Without going into details, there’s no doubt in my mind that vested interests and power are resisting change and protecting themselves in a rapidly evolving world stage.

The shock of unexpected happenings in the form of Brexit and Trump is still having a rippling effect on everything being discussed in the media. And that’s before article 50 is activated and Donald Trump has got his feet under the desk of the White House.

Let’s deal with the reality – it is what it is

I’m not advocating in this article whether I’m for or against either Brexit, Trump or any other event for that matter.

What I do say is ignore the emotion, posturing and rhetoric being banded about and deal with the reality of the situation.

The markets certainly have with the Dow Jones and Footsie 500 at record levels.

Change is a good thing – embrace it

But I do advocate that change is a good thing. I firmly believe in challenging and changing the way things are done – whether that’s the way our company operates or how I conduct myself privately and professionally.

Shaking up the status quo releases creativity, fresh thinking and opportunities. There’s always room for improvement in everything we do and change creates the energy and state of mind to deliver that innovation, bring to life new ideas and ways of doing things.

Companies are changing the way they work

Many companies are undergoing a cultural change in the way they work together. New technologies are driving this change as pressure mounts on speed of decision making and productivity of the workforce.

We advise many companies globally how to take advantage of new easy to use workplace collaboration and conferencing services that make their people more efficient and effective.

So don’t get stuck in the old ways of working and get left behind. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.

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