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Online conferencing and collaboration won’t solve all T&L’s challenges – but it certainly helps!

Online conferencing and collaboration won’t solve all T&L’s challenges – but it certainly helps!

The pressure’s on

Online spending for Xmas 2016 is now in full flow following the kick start it received from Black Friday. According to IMRG Capgemini, 27% of all retails sales are now online with £126bn total volume forecast for 2016 – an 11% increase over 2015.

21% of the volume takes place in the Xmas period itself, creating huge pressure on resources.

To put this another way, in 2013 online purchases resulted in just over 1 billion deliveries. According to Barclay’s “The Last Mile Report”, by 2018, there will be 1.35 billion deliveries – a staggering 28% increase.

New conferencing and collaboration technologies can help

Improving the way companies connect, communicate and collaborate won’t solve these fundamental challenges. However, they can make a significant improvement to managing logistics and projects, ensuring all the key people involved are aware of a rapidly changing set of circumstances with the ability to manage events in real time.

I work with lots of transport and logistics companies advising them on the latest developments in online conferencing and collaboration technology and how these can benefit them.

Take the brand new Cisco Spark for example.

Spark allows you to create virtual rooms where you can bring teams together instantly, send each other instant messages, have group chats that can be immediately escalated to a video call, work collaboratively on project plans, creative recommendations and share files.

Keeping up to speed

This is just one example. Keeping up to speed with these simple to implement, cost effective services and how they can work for your business, is vital to keep ahead of the competition and deal with the ever increasing demands of our industry.

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