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Online Collaboration will improve morale as well as increase productivity

Online Collaboration will improve morale as well as increase productivity

I read with interest the latest Chartered Institute of Personel and Development (CIPD) report that job satisfaction among public sector workers is at its highest level for four years. Good news indeed.

But certainly no room for complacency either. The survey also revealed that almost half of all public sector workers were exhausted and stressed.

Unison General Secretary Dave Prentis referred to the fact that many public sector workers such as teachers, nurses and social workers love their jobs because “they want to make a difference”. But he also goes on to say:

“But huge pressures of spending cuts mean these unsung heroes are having to do more with less. It’s no surprise they’re feeling increasingly exhausted and demoralised and actively thinking of quitting their jobs”.

Removing frustration

As part of my role as an online conferencing and collaboration specialist for the public sector, I know how equipping employees with the right communication tools can improve morale as well as increase productivity and efficiency.

Speeding up communication and making it easy to share documents and information with the right people in your team, means that more focus can be put on providing services and care rather than administration.

Taking away the frustration of not being able to get the right people together quickly, having to travel for routine reviews and meetings, not being able to work on documents together in real time, would mean that employees really can make that difference that motivates them.

Delivering more for less

There are some simple tools such as Cisco WebEx and Skype for Business that are easy to use and deploy that can hugely increase productivity and the ability to deliver more for less.

I work with many public sector organisations such as DWP, HS2 and Defra to train individuals to use the technology and roll it out throughout the entire department.

I’d be happy to chat to you about how this could work for you.

MeetingZone is Government approved G Cloud supplier. We work closely with organisations in the public sector to provide workplace collaboration and communications services that help local authorities and government departments improve the way they work.



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