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Event planning: finding the software that puts the word manage back into management.

Event planning: finding the software that puts the word manage back into management.

Imagine a world where you could sit around a table, with all your colleagues, go through plans, sip tea and agree to everything simultaneously. Unfortunately, life isn’t that easy for an events planner in an age where people don’t ever stop moving, decisions are never guaranteed and time is of the essence. You’re always out and about and need something easy, reliable and quick.


It’s all about preparation


Great project management comes down to having the right software. You can only dream of a spectacular event when you can make decisions and deal with problems as fast as tapping a few words into your smartphone.

There are a lot of useful apps out there which allow the smooth running of an event. From selling tickets to tracking attendees but they miss out a part of the cycle…project management.


Project management made simple


A recent blog follows the story of artists who use collaboration services to manage their projects. They use Cisco Spark to connect to one another, no matter where they are.


The blog shows that instant messenger and emailing isn’t enough for planning events, you need a collaborative platform that allows persistent messaging, video conferencing and file sharing. Event management isn’t a 9 to 5 job anymore, you need a platform that allows you to connect with people 24/7.


I work with lots of companies that use these tools as part of their day to day business processes. It improves the way they connect, communicate and collaborate with the various suppliers, partners, customers and stakeholders vital to their business.


Now, back to the beginning, imagine a world where you can sip tea, talk to your colleagues through a video conference, while making plans through an IM meeting on Cisco Spark. That’s the perfect reality.


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