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Online conferencing and collaboration in the legal profession – a quiet revolution is taking place

Online conferencing and collaboration in the legal profession – a quiet revolution is taking place

An interesting 12 months


This time last year I wrote an article criticising the legal profession for being behind the curve in embracing new ways of communicating internally and externally.


These new ways are often referred to as “Unified communications” where a whole range of tools are available via a simple single interface including:


  • audio and video calling and conferencing
  • instant text messaging between individuals and groups
  • the ability to share and work on files collaboratively (without the confusion and proliferation of different versions when trying to do work on files via email)
  • ‘Presence’ - the ability to see at a glance whether someone’s available to talk text-chat or participate in a meeting)


Well, it’s been an interesting twelve months that’s for sure.


Legal firms are adopting new ways of working


I work for MeetingZone, and we specialise in providing conferencing and collaboration services to more than 200 legal firms. During the last year I’ve seen more and more of my customers adopting new ways of working using the new technology.


They’ve really benefited from greater productivity, efficiency and lower telephony costs.


Not entirely clear why this has happened


To be honest, I’m not absolutely sure why, but it feels like a quiet revolution has taken place. And about time too!


I’d like to think it’s down to my efforts and powers of persuasion. However, I suspect that may not entirely be the case.


One theory I have is that the new wave of internet savvy lawyers, who have grown up instinctively using the new technology, have more and more influence over the way their firms work. For them using online conferencing and collaboration is a way of life.


I think they’ve created upward pressure on the more traditional thinkers at the top. Others have already reached the top and are starting to influence new ways of working. At the same time, they’ve become influencers to their peers throughout the rest of their organisations.


If anyone has any other theories on this, get in touch.


Don’t get left behind!


Not everyone has seen the light however. Some firms still have yet to get on board and will undoubtedly suffer as their rivals provide a better, more efficient service.


Don’t leave it too late and for your sake and the sake of the industry, let’s turn up the volume on the quiet revolution.


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