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Trump that! Turning uncertainty into an exciting opportunity

Trump that! Turning uncertainty into an exciting opportunity

Like him or loathe him, Donald Trump’s election adds a certain amount of excitement to our world.


At this stage we are lacking in information on his policies and strategies and until we do know, it’s inevitable that there’s an element of uncertainty.


And there’s a lot more of that coming down the line.


The only predictable things about the forthcoming elections in France and Germany in 2017 is their unpredictability. With no sign of an end to the refugee crisis in Europe’s back yard and the growing disillusionment with traditional political establishment, we are in for some fun and games, that’s for sure.


Creating opportunities with the right mind-set


I have to admit, I quite like it when things get shaken up a bit. It’s not necessarily a bad thing and can create opportunities if you have the right mind-set. It brings out the best in people, keeps you on your toes and requires creativity to thrive and prosper in new circumstances.


Whether you’re in the public or private sector, planning and running any organisation is going to require leaders to be able to adapt quickly and effectively to rapidly changing unpredictable circumstances.


Central to this is the way your organisation can effectively communicate and collaborate with its staff, customers, suppliers and stakeholders.


Once you’ve decided on a course of action, you’ll need to take everyone with you to make sure things happen according to plan. Alignment from the top right down through the organisation so that everyone understands their role is a crucial part of managing in uncertainty.


You have to take your people with you


A challenge – yes. But uncertainty is also an opportunity for those people and organisations with the forethought to invest in the right communication tools to allow them to keep ahead of the unpredictability and gain clear blue water between them and their competitors.


Tools such as Cisco WebEx and Skype for Business have everything you need to make sure your organisation can connect, communicate and collaborate instantly and effectively to keep you ahead of the game.


From instant messaging, audio and video conferencing to a company-wide managed event of 1000 people, these tools have everything you need all from one simple interface available on any device from any location at any time.


It’s now more important than ever to be adaptable and flexible in your thinking and having the tools to make sure you can deliver and execute is a pre-requisite.


Seize the opportunity and turn uncertainty to your advantage.


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