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Online collaboration in the Public Sector will deliver more for less - but only if you take your people with you

Online collaboration in the Public Sector will deliver more for less - but only if you take your people with you

There's no doubt there's buy in at the top


The digital world can play a massive part in all sorts of ways in the way that services are delivered, the way that councils engage with the public and how council staff work together.


I’m passionate about how new online conferencing and collaboration services for the public sector can play a massive part in delivering more for less.


In “The Local State We’re in”, PWC’s annual 2016 local government survey, there are some clear reasons for optimism as local authority Chief Executives and their Councils grapple with the need for more cuts and efficiencies:


“But while the challenges that local government faces are no doubt still significant, the shift in feeling that has emerged over recent years is one of a sector on the move; finding innovative new ways of working…”


I would agree that both local councils and central government departments are starting to embrace the digital world and am working with several to implement conferencing and collaboration services such as WebEx and Skype for Business.


But in my experience, there’s a lag between those at the top who have bought into a changing digital world, and those in the rest of the organisation who are resistant to change and new ways of doing things.


Creating a cultural change throughout the entire organisation is vital


The PWC report references this in its key findings:


“While many councils are dedicating time and resource to developing their digital offer, the pace of change in a digital era sounds a warning to local government to move swiftly if it is to remain relevant in a digital age.”


You have to take your people with you.


Creating a cultural change in any organisation, whether in the private or public sector, is an absolute pre-requisite if the many benefits of online conferencing and collaboration services are to be enjoyed.


It’s not just about the buying and selling in of technology. I spend most of my time working with my customers to ensure that everyone is trained and capable of using the new technology throughout the entire organisation. Overcoming people’s fear of new ways of working is not to be underestimated.


Senior management should not assume that just because they’ve seen the light, that everyone else in their organisation has.


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