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Online collaboration really can deliver more for less

Online collaboration really can deliver more for less

The recent “Conservative led revolution” announcement by Theresa May’s new administration to switch local authority funding away from central government grants to locally raised revenues such as Council tax and business rates, will pile on the pressure for local councils to do “more with less”. The Government has put measures in place to ensure long term funding certainty, but Chris Clarke, the communities secretary, has said that council funding would be reduced by 6.7% between 2016 and 2020.


Not only that, the onus will be on local councils to justify every penny with increased public scrutiny of locally raised funds.


Doing “more with less” is nothing new to public sector organisations and there’s an expectation that normal service will be maintained. I recently spoke with the head of a local authority IT department who used to have a team of 6 people - now it’s just him. The very expensive phone system is only half utilised in terms of capability to save costs so they cannot do town hall meetings with their internal equipment. They are having to find cost effective solutions using existing infrastructure and with the increased scrutiny on accountability, they need to allocate costs internally to make sure correct budgets are being used.


MeetingZone help public sector clients achieve their goals with innovative online collaboration services that can genuinely deliver more for less. If you have the attitude to change the way you do things, it is possible to maintain and even improve the vital services IT departments deliver.


I’ve worked with several government departments that originally had to stop large scale managed calls due to costs. Using our platform, these departments use our operator managed call service to reach up to 4000 people at one time, for a third of the cost they were charged with their legacy provider.


Online face to face meetings using WebEx can be set up instantly, saving huge amounts in travel and management time with full file, application and document sharing. These work in conjunction with existing infrastructure.


All these services’ associated costs can be allocated to different budget holders.


We’re at the Government ICT 2.0 show next week at the QE2 Conference Centre in Westminster. Why not pop over and say hello and I’ll explain more. We’re on stand 28.


Look forward to seeing you there or you can email me at


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