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Taking control - Using technology to manage uncertainty

Taking control - Using technology to manage uncertainty

What with Brexit, a new Prime Minister, a new cabinet and a new political landscape, the only certainty is that we are in for a period of uncertainty which is likely to continue for some time.


Decision making for businesses in a constantly changing political and economic climate is, to put it mildly, not ideal. Whilst it may be a level playing field for all as no-one really knows what will transpire, it comes down to how well companies predict future events and how well they react to an ever changing scenario.


For companies like mine, with regional operations in Europe, the Nordics, North America and Asia PAC, the implications are massive and complex.


Like me, most senior managers will be wary of making hasty decisions and will want to wait until some of the dust settles at least. But when a clearer picture emerges and the implications for businesses becomes more tangible, the companies that can re-align their strategy, and are in poll position to execute this in the new non EU world, will win the day.


Coming up with the strategy is one thing. Executing it is another.


Key to this will be the ability to take your customers, employees, suppliers and stakeholders with you so that everyone understands the direction you’re going in and why. Most importantly it’s about individuals, often based in offices in different countries and across differing cultures, realising what their role is and what’s expected of them.


This comes down to communication – and it needs to be two way. Too often in companies, management assume everyone understands the company position and what this means for them. It’s a dangerous assumption and you need to take people with you. It’s too dangerous to leave this to chance.


As the General Manager of a conferencing and collaboration company, I’m passionate about this. The technology exists to make it really easy to run interactive online meetings where you can present ideas and strategies and, most importantly, check for understanding that your messages are hitting home. In this climate, the luxury of time has ceased to exist and these need to happen instantly in order to cascade rapidly changing information to small and large groups.


You may not have control over the macro events that are driving uncertainty. But you do have control over how you react and deal with them.


Forward thinking companies are doing this as a regular part of their business process. I can also tell you that they are using the technology to take control of the current uncertainty as our volumes are currently going through the roof!


Don’t be left behind!


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