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 What can I use WebEx Meeting Center for?

What can I use WebEx Meeting Center for?

When I’m training new users of Meeting Center, one of the things I’ve noticed is that they don’t always see the full range possibilities for using WebEx. At the start of a training session, I always ask what kind of meetings the participants will be having. More often than not, they mention a monthly team meeting. There often seems to be a perception that Meeting Center can only be used as an alternative for this type of more formal meeting.

So, what else can Meeting Center be used for? The answer is lots of things! I took a look at my diary to see what I use WebEx Meeting Center for:

At the start of the month, one of my colleagues asked me to help with a customer meeting which was due to be face to face. As they only needed me for a short time, I joined the meeting by WebEx. The alternative would have been a 40 minute drive each way for my 20 minute slot.

As my role at MeetingZone is to provide training and support for WebEx, I have quite a few training sessions in my diary (No surprise there really!). These are mostly done using WebEx, as it gives the people I train a better experience and understanding of the product than face to face training does. You can use WebEx to deliver training for almost anything (maybe not First Aid..). One of our customers uses WebEx Training Center to run online courses and tutorials. They used to use a different screen sharing solution but Training Center offers many more methods for interacting with a group. Using WebEx enhances distance learning by adding the interaction that books don’t give, and keeps the costs lower than running courses face to face. Recently this customer has also bought a WebEx Event Center licence, so that they can have larger lecture style events as well.

I also use Meeting Center to work with colleagues based in a different location from me. One of the members of the team I’m in works in our Swedish office. Recently, we’ve been working on a document together and have had three WebEx meetings to do this. Each meeting was between 20 and 30 minutes long and in the meetings we discussed the content and agreed changes. Before the next one, he would change the document in line with what we had agreed and then we would review it together.

If we hadn’t used Meeting Center, the process might have looked more like this: He creates the document and then emails it across for me to look at and possibly make changes. Then I send the new version back for him to make further comments and possible changes. He then reviews it, makes further changes and sends it back to me……Long and complicated!! Using Meeting Center made it a much less painful process.

These are just a few examples of what you can achieve in a WebEx meeting, if you’d like to learn more about WebEx Meeting Center contact me on my details below.



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