WebEx Partner Program | MeetingZone

We’ll help you generate your WebEx business

Cisco Webex is the world’s leading web conferencing service – and its rapid growth looks set to continue.

Your customers can use it to share information, keep projects on track and collaborate around the globe, effortlessly and in real time.

As Cisco’s fastest-growing European Webex partner, we’re trusted experts at helping you and your customers unlock the full potential of Webex – boosting relationships, communication and productivity.

We make you successful by driving end-user adoption and long-term relationships through better service.

Partner with us, and you can:
  • Immediately offer Webex as a service
  • Open up new revenue streams and boost customer loyalty
  • Keep the associated risk and investment low
Our partner support service includes:
  • Targeted new business marketing campaigns
  • Sales training to equip your sales team to win Webex contracts
  • Full suite of white-labelled sales and product material
  • Pre- and post-sales support from Webex experts